Jake, of The Armoury, can wear complicated patterns exceptionally well.  Compound that by the fact that he has fair skin and red hair and it takes some serious skill to pull off what he does.

Like many well dressed Italians, he favors the use of patterns mainly in his jackets and keeps the rest of his look anchored in solid, neutral colors that either flatter his complexion (reds and greens) or cool down an otherwise busy combination (blues and grays).

Some of the best dressed people the world has ever seen were incredible at mixing and matching patterns (Luciano Barbera, The Duke, Gary Cooper).  I’m just happy I picked out a clean pair of underwear this morning.

PIctures via Cade and Co and LNSee

I need to get on my patterned jackets also.

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Anonymous asked:

whats your favorite horror movie


Well, I watched Imitation of Life this weekend for class. Though it is not a horror movie in the traditional sense, the depth of its sadness and that sadness’s realistic potential are horrifying enough. I recommend the movie, but it is devastating, certainly enough to convince me that gore in traditional horror is not the only movie element evocative enough to make me need to look away.

This is too much.
If I ever see someone get choked up over classical music, I won’t mock them, I’ll embrace them. And we will be close for life, if only implicitly, by finally having heard the same thing.

I have to write about this movie and that simultaneously excites and ruins me

The last time I wrote about this movie, it was in the twelfth grade, and those convictions have clung to & influenced me ever since. This movie is really something.


"No one forgets the truth. They just get better at lying."

Music like is what saturates the positive notes of life and strings them into poetic verse. All the beautiful music. I’m moved every time.

If this music feels so powerful to me on its own, I can’t imagine what listening to the album would feel like with a significant other. I imagine personal and warm, to say the least. I want it to happen.